How to do SEO SETTINGS on Blogger? Per day 2000 traffics secret tips

How to do blogger search engine optimization settings?

Deciding on a site to increase blogger seo
The most important issue to don't forget while creating a blogger or website is the domain we select. the area (domain) is the most searched on google, even as our blogger needs to include the ideal word or phrase. selecting words in this way will growth the possibilities of the blogger we create coming to the the front web page of google seek.

Copyright content should no longer be published.
We do now not reproduction and paste copyrightedFabric on different websites or on blogger. because doing so will motive our blogger to go backwards in google seek. this can reduce the wide variety of visitors to google look for our blogger. our blogger's seo rating is going backwards. so all of the guides in our blogger should be our very own creations. this is what offers our blogger the first-rate search engine optimization score. doing so will increase the possibilities of our blogger coming to the first page in google search.

Settings - simple settings - title
Words in blogger'sArea ought to be spaced.
Instance - method …tamil tech lanka

 settings - primary settings - description

Within the description segment, a short description need to take delivery of of the blogger we have created, which may be used to find the most searched phrases in google seek. the variety of characters on this location have to no longer exceed 500 in areas.

Settings - basic settings - https
Https redirect ought to be sure.

Settings - search possibilities - meta tags description
Inside the metaTags description phase, we want to provide a short description of the blogger we've created in order that the words that are searched by means of every body may be observed in google search. the range of characters in this vicinity must not exceed one hundred fifty in spaces.

Settings - search possibilities - google search console
One of the maximum vital is the capability to identify each of our versions to google. a separate edition could be published in this regard.

Settings - search possibilities - custom robots header tags
AllYou need to do is shop as proven in the photograph under.
Blogger seo

Settings - others - google analytics
One of the most vital. a separate version might be published on this regard.

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