BLOG SEO:How do I set up Seo on Blogger?

What is search engine optimization setup for blogger 

Blogger seo setup

Once you have created a blogger it is important to do search engine optimization setup. the entirety you do in it will growth the seo rank on your blogger. doing this search engine optimization is one of the maximum critical earlier than you publish a publish with blogger author. on this you'll have to make numerous settings to your blogger from the name. there are several key components worried in developing your blogger. here we are able to appearance in some element at what the key structures do on this.


Step one is to give your blogger a title. when you create a blogger you're first of all giving your blogger a title. you can see that name in this basic putting. you could trade this title if you desire. you do no longer need to exchange the title every time you reflect onconsideration on it. changing the name of your blogger often will reduce the search engine optimization rank of your blogger.

What is search engine optimization setup for blogger 

Next you need to present an outline in your blogger. in this description, you need to writeIn step with what form of post for your blogger and what category you're going to submit in. and putting seo keywords in it will upload energy on your blogger. you may write as much as a most of 500 words on this description. it's miles crucial to write in english in a manner this is comprehensible to google and your blogger user.

Next you want to create a google analytics peoperty identity on the google analytics internet site ( and paste that identification here. through giving this id you can discover numerousStatistics in your blogger on google analytics website. on google's analytics page you may see a spread of records which include which web page your blogger customers are coming from, what mobile they're the usage of, what browser they're the usage of, the cope with of the web page they may be touring, which page they may be visiting on your blogger. apart from this you could see a lot extra information there.

What is seo setup for blogger 

On this you need to pick the precise time of the united states of america in which you stay.Generally the time of some other us of a might be the default for your blog. clicking at the time zone will provide you with the names of different countries. you want to locate the call of your us of a of house and select the exact time with it. by using giving like this you may inform google from which us of a you run your blogger. and in some countries google's adsense account isn't allowed, so it's far critical to choose your country name successfully.

Meta tags
What is seo setup for blogger 

Here you need toSupply search engine optimization keywords to signify what type of put up you are placing for your blogger. you could deliver these as a description form or as single key phrases in distinct words. it's far better to give the given words as key phrases inside the search extent. additionally your meta tag must be within a most of 150 phrases. maximum of that is to offer and write the words you operate most customarily for your blogger. you may use the keyword surfer extension to your browser to recognize the search quantity for the key phrases given in thisManner.

Crawlers and indexing

There are three vital setups to do on this system. first you need to allow "permit custom robots.txt" and paste a code in it. you can generate this code at "" website. click on "custom robots.txt" and paste the code there. its principal function is to ship statistics to the google search console website approximately how many posts you placed on your blog. this is one of the most vital settings in blogger setting.

What's seo setup forBlogger

Subsequent we want to enable the "permit custom robots header tags" option. then click on on the home page tag under and permit the 2 alternatives all - noodp. next, click on at the archive and seek web page tags and enable the 2 settings noindex-noodp. finally click on on publish and page tags and enable both all-noodp. next you want to create a search console web page on your blogger.

We will see within the subsequent post a way to create both google analytics assets id and search console web page cited in this seoSetting.

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