How do I add blogger to my Google search console?

Search console

Via growing a search console web page in your blogger you could index each put up you post on your weblog on google. you may also look for technical errors to your blogger in this seek console page. not handiest that but you may also locate facts like what sort of performance is going on on your blogger right here. if a put up you submit for your weblog does no longer mechanically index, you can index it manually using the search console. consequently the hunt console acts as a platform to factor out yourBlogger improvement and its technical flaws. anyone who creates a google blog have to create this seek console page for their blogger. on this post we can see truly a way to create this web page.

Create search console page

This internet site will seem because the first website when you look for "search console" on google. click on it to create the favored church console page for your blogger. you should create this search console web page with the identical gmail identity which you created for blogger. please checkWhich gmail identity you've got logged in in your browser before growing this. currently you need to provide the deal with of your website first whilst you come to this church console web page. you may enter the address of your website in 2 ways. for example,  alternatives "domain" and "url prefix" are given on this page. if you need to offer your internet site cope with within the domain choice, it ought to be "". or in case you need to offer the cope with in the url prefix choice they ought to deliver "https://www/". enter the cope with of your internet site in any such and click on the preserve button beneath to create a search console web page in your blogger.

The way to create search console for blogger 

The message "ownership automobile verified" might be displayed on the display. clicking on the cross belongings choice in it's going to take you to the hunt console page dashboard created for your blogger. you can now find records approximately your blogger assessment, performance, coverage to yourDashboard. any statistics contained in this page will first of all be empty. it takes as a minimum 24 hours to 72 hours for the primary facts (reports) to be known.


Usually this consists of statistics like overall performance, insurance, enchancement in your blog as an outline on one web page. in case you want to view those reports in my view, you may view the facts like performance, coverage, upgrades one by one by means of clicking at the left facet one after the other. it gives you records on what number ofClicks you've got for your blogger. you can also find out approximately technical mistakes for your blog by clicking on this coverage choice. maximum of the problems which can be proven on this record are given after some primary knowledge of which of them are wrong along with your blogger and which of them are not a problem for your blogger. you do now not must decide that the whole thing shown on this coverage page is a problem to your blogger.

In this you can take the url hyperlink of each submit for your blogger and provide it aSeek field and click on on it to realize if the submit has grow to be index or no longer. or even if a selected post is not listed on google, you can use it to index that publish manually. also see as a record what are the alternative errors in that precise publish. in this web page you could see the statistics like coverage, mobile usability, breadcrumbs of every post in which you do url inspection. typically every publish you placed on your weblog can be mechanically indexed, so first that submit will should be crawled and up to dateWith the aid of the search console web page. subsequent it takes 3 to seven days for that unique post to turn out to be index.


Next you need to provide the sitemap url link in your blogger. together with this you want to give that atom link to your blogger. all posts for your blogger will best be up to date in this church console page in case you provide both. you may see all of the notifications concerning errors in your blog in this seek cosnole page. you must first create a custom robots.txt on your blogger beforePosting this sitemap hyperlink. this will be created at custom robots.txt ( that web website online

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