How to create Unlimited website with single domain full details

 A way to create unlimited internet site with single domain 

Unlimited website with single domain 

You may have a custom area attached to your blogger and you can create infinite websites with this difficult domain. you do no longer need to pay anything for this. when you purchase a custom domain for your blogger you could preserve it and create countless net addresses. you've got created one blocker for your custom domain, in addition to you want to create as many web sites as you need to create limitless web sites. theArea you create with this practice domain is referred to as the subdomain. you want to create as many blockers as you may for this subdomain. 

Custom domain 

A custom domain is the deal with you buy for your internet web site in your blogger. you've got purchased this tradition domain to in shape the put up you placed on your blogger, you can keep it and make a few changes in its dns setting to create a subdmain. depending on what type of put up you're posting for your custom area in this subdomain. 


If you want to create a subdomain you should first create a blocker. after developing blogger you need to make a few changes on your custom domain dns placing. as an instance ( says in case you want to create a subdomain for a custom domain you need to supply your subdomain name in cname ( 

After doing so, click on on the settings alternative of the newly created blogger. in the publishing choice, click on custom area. then you have to give the name you wantTo create the subdomain. before this you've got given a name on your custom domain dns setting and you have to deliver it right here. this is, you have to give your subdomain deal with ( you have now created a subdomain internet site beneath your custom domain name. it is essential now not to enable the "redirect domain" option. next we want to enable two settings "https" and "https redirect". 

As soon as all that is performed it will take at the least 20 minutes on your subdomain website to end upLively. this period of time is the time it usually takes you to attach a custom area. after some time, in case you take a look at your subdomain, the website might be activated. as a consequence you could maintain your custom domain and create innumerable subdomains.

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