Decluttr Review: How I Made $100 Selling Used CDs and DVDs 2020 to 2021

 Decluttr Review: How I Made $100 Selling Used CDs and DVDs 2020 to 2021

Take a look around your property. that darkish knight dvd trilogy set has been amassing dustFor the final eight years. your cd collection is likely even worse.

And that box of digital gadgets in your closet is just taking up area. how many 10-yr-vintage mobile telephones do you actually need to have, besides?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may have a digital clutter hassle. this means that it’s time to declutter.

One service that permit you to do exactly this is decluttr, that's a fast, smooth, and free manner to earn extra money by way of getting rid of vintage tech and gadgets which you don’t wantAnymore.

Let’s take a more in-depth look to peer if decluttr is some thing you could advantage from the use of.

What's decluttr?

As its name indicates, decluttr is a website and market that makes it simple to promote your used undesirable objects.

Decluttr accepts dvds, cds, blu-rays, recreation consoles, video video games, generation objects like wearables, smartwatches, and smartphones, and even lego toys and books, among different items.

Essentially, if your gadgets that fall into those classes that you suspect other peopleMay want, you can possibly sell them on decluttr and make some more greenbacks.

Is decluttr official?

Decluttr is perfectly criminal for promoting and shopping for used items. you don’t ought to fear about getting ripped off must you pick out to do enterprise with decluttr.

The business enterprise has been round because 2014 and changed into based via marketers steve oliver and walter green.

Due to the fact that then, decluttr claims to have sold over $three hundred million well worth of goods to over 6 million customers.

The company also has a ratingOf four.five out of five stars on trustpilot, that's a solid rating that should let you know all you need to understand.




Sell your unused stuff that is mendacity around amassing dirt these days!

How decluttr works

Decluttr has a easy and consumer-friendly technique for selling objects.

To offer you a higher concept of what your experience may look like on decluttr, right here’s a brief primer that outlines how the carrier works.

1. promote your objects on decluttr

To finish an order on decluttr, you have toPromote at the least 10 media gadgets or one tech item. the total order fee should also be more than $five.

So, in case you’re looking to sell one or  cds or dvds that don’t fetch a excessive price tag, you won’t be able to use decluttr. there are a few regulations.

There are  methods to promote gadgets on decluttr.

Promoting tech gadgets on decluttr

First, you look for products on, which can be accessed through any internet browser.

The decluttr app is to be had for both apple and androidGadgets.

Choose the make, model, and circumstance of your tool or product, and decluttr will offer an on the spot fee so as to be set for 28 days.

Decluttr will even provide a tech rate promise, guaranteeing to get the first rate they provide, or you may request the item back free of charge.

Selling media on decluttr

Promoting cds, dvds, and video games on decluttr is as easy as entering a barcode range.

In case you download the selling app, you could also use your smartphone’s camera as a barcode scanner, whichCould make it easy to fee gadgets.

No longer bad if you’re looking to smooth out your place and make a few greater dollars along the way.

2. % your objects

Whilst you’re done along with your order, decluttr will send you a welcome % containing a free delivery label. decluttr will not send a container.

They do, but, advocate the use of a strong cardboard box and bubble wrap if you do not have the original packaging (which, permit’s face it, no longer many human beings in all likelihood do).

A phrase to the sensible: all objects want to be grew to becomeOff earlier than being despatched.

3. ship your items

Gadgets can be shipped at any americasave or legal retail outlet.

Gadgets are absolutely insured during transit, ensuring which you’re covered inside the event your package receives misplaced.

Four. get hold of charge

After you ship the objects to decluttr, a crew of generation experts will evaluate them at their warehouse.

Gadgets may be inspected for high-quality, and all personal data might be wiped from the device.

Seasoned tip: you may need to wipe your private data out of your devicesYourself. the last component you want is for the employee to forget to take care of that essential obligation. all of a surprising, a few unsuspecting stranger ought to land up together with your personal statistics.

Once the inspection manner is complete, decluttr will pay you thru one in every of 3 charge methods: direct deposit, paypal, or check.

You may also pick out to donate your money to charity if you’re feeling extra beneficiant. there are claims on the internet site of subsequent-day price, however i’m now not sure if that’s continually theCase.

Five. buy new items (or don’t)

One of the amusing elements about the usage of decluttr is shopping for new gadgets the use of the money which you get from unwanted objects, nearly like a alternate-in.

However you can take the cash that you get back out of your unwanted gadgets and do the clever element by means of reinvesting the money in a cd, the inventory market, or in a excessive-yield financial savings account wherein it can generate hobby and grow over the years.

In any other case, you’ll simply be persevering with the cycle of purchasing gadgets so one can collect dustAnd pass unused ninety% of the time. why no longer make the money paintings a little bit more difficult for you?

Remember that of the center ideas of the monetary independence, retire early (hearth) movement that we promote here on millennial cash is to interrupt unfastened from the cycle of unnecessary spending and make your money grow alternatively.

Why purchase more gadgets that you will wind up selling returned to a website like decluttr once more down the road, for even much less money than you paid in advance?

It’s a great deal higher to be smarter about yourPurchases and to think of your older self while buying items and what you actually need.

Decluttr capabilities

Now which you have a higher concept about how decluttr works, let’s take a look at a number of the capabilities you’ll get get entry to to in case you sign on for the service.

Cozy device disposal

Antique devices are loaded with private information — like pix, net browsing histories, textual content messages, and greater.

If you don’t put off your non-public statistics from the device before throwing it out, a person else may beCapable of get admission to your statistics.

Even as you just examine my seasoned tip approximately how important it's far to dispose of your non-public data, you may rest assured that your smartphone might be wiped smooth through an expert professional after it’s despatched to decluttr.

Coins bills

Chances are you've got hundreds of gadgets sitting round that can be liquidated.

The sizeable majority of cds and dvds will by no means come to be creditors’ objects — really due to the fact they were mass-produced and not all that valuable, to start with.

How typically canYou sincerely watch that directly-to-dvd nic cage movie from the 2000s?

Of course, you ought to constantly double-take a look at your gadgets for uncommon gadgets or collectors’ variants. but don’t sense awful about transport unused items off to decluttr for resale.

Reduced litter

As an brought advantage, you’ll clean shelf space, making your property muddle-free, much less dusty, and extra appealing. with a wiped clean-up space, your mind can be in a higher region.

Accountable waste elimination

You’ll additionally be doing the right thing by way ofSending electronic waste to a right management center as opposed to throwing it in the trash, sending it to a landfill, and wrecking the environment.

Used object marketplace

Decluttr additionally offers an online shop full of used devices, tune, films, and video games. you may locate gadgets in numerous situations, ranging from pristine nintendos or playstations to discounted samsung telephones that aren't in excellent situation.

It’s a tremendous vicinity to keep if you’re on a price range and simply want to buy a cheap vintage cellphone,As an example.

Decluttr costs

Decluttr is completely loose to apply. there aren't any hidden expenses to worry about due to the fact decluttr doesn’t charge for his or her services.

Alternatively, they will pay you for objects.

Decluttr will also provide free transport for clients who promote over $five really worth of products as much as a maximum of 500 objects per order.

Getting started

One fine component approximately decluttr is there is no approval technique or invasive signup method, and absolutely everyone is eligible to enroll in.

Signing up for decluttrIs rapid and smooth.

All it requires is submitting your first and closing name, and e-mail deal with. you'll also should create a relaxed password.

If you need to buy some thing, you’ll have to input your credit card.




Sell your unused stuff it truly is lying around gathering dust nowadays!

Is decluttr secure?

Whilst you promote objects via decluttr, all objects undergo a comprehensive wiping system. as such, gadgets are cleared before they're refurbished and resold.

Additionally, decluttr doesNow not sell private statistics. all statistics wiped from non-public devices is permanently deleted.

However over again, you should probably take care of this to your own.

Customer support

Alas, decluttr does not offer telephone guide. so, in the occasion something awful happens, there's nobody to talk with.

That is a large disadvantage for folks who want to communicate without delay with marketers in actual-time.

Fortunately, decluttr offers a way to submit inquiries about issues like orders andBills.

So there may be as a minimum a few manner of contacting the employer while assistance is needed.

Further, the business enterprise gives a guide library with a ramification of topics to assist while problems rise up.

Pros and cons


Loose transport for most objects

Easy and cozy selling process

Responsible waste control

Comfy statistics removal from tool

Clean way to promote tech gadgets and media belongings


You may get a lowball offer

Disputes every now and then occur while gadgets seem to have extra damage than the sellerReviews

You have to provide your personal box whilst transport objects, which can be a ache

Options to decluttr


If you don’t just like the offer that you get to your items on decluttr, you should test out buybackexpress. this agency offers on the spot costs, loose shipping with tracking, and identical-day payments via take a look at or paypal.


Some other main carrier so as to purchase your undesirable gadgets is ziffit, a company that promises to turn muddle into money in 4 steps. all you need to doIs scan or input a barcode and get an immediate fee, whole an online exchange, ship items free of charge thru fedex, and receive cash through paypal or financial institution switch.


Eaglesaver is also a service that you need to look at if you’re considering eliminating some junk. this agency gives hazard-free quote ensures, no-rate shipping, 1-day order processing, and even bulk checkout


Amazon is the world’s largest online market and might be a great area which will sell that antiqueIphone, kindle, or samsung galaxy that’s been mendacity around.


Ebay is the authentic vicinity wherein you can sell used objects in a web auction forum. it’s actually an awesome idea to test out how much your antique xbox might pass for on ebay, as an instance, before looking to sell it elsewhere.


What does decluttr do together with your stuff?

Once you promote an item to decluttr, they'll examine the objects and look into them to make sure that they healthy the description that you provided. when they bypassInspection, you are compensated with a charge, and the object is both recycled or refurbished and bought again via their on-line marketplace.

Does decluttr wipe your statistics?

You don’t ought to worry about sensitive facts falling into the wrong fingers. all devices are thoroughly wiped earlier than they may be recycled or resold. but, it’s nonetheless an amazing idea to wipe gadgets earlier than trusting a third-party service to do the activity for you. we all make mistakes, eventually.

Does decluttr give honestExpenses?

That is important to recollect: decluttr does no longer have a obligation to offer truthful fees on your items. after all, they're a for-profit commercial enterprise. as such, you must always save around when you get a quote to peer if you could get the full amount that you want. in case you don’t keep around, you may wind up settling for a lower provide charge than you may get from some other client. the organization does have a stable better business bureau (bbb) score, so it’s without a doubt not a rip-off.

What doesn’tDecluttr accept?

Decluttr is rather choosy approximately what they take delivery of. presently, the agency isn't accepting cd singles, vhs, vinyl, eps, cassettes, pirate copies, promo objects, or damaged/incomplete items.

In addition, lego products must include a certification that they may be in reality a real lego product and no longer a knockoff.

What takes place if gadgets don’t bypass inspection?

In some cases, objects can be rejected upon arrival because of damage. whilst this happens, decluttr reserves the right to endCharge for the object. what’s extra, media gadgets which can be rejected will no longer be lower back. the company, consequently, asks clients to thoroughly study and follow hints while submitting objects.

Who owns decluttr?

Decluttr is the trading name of leisure magpie inc., located at 4175 royal power, suite three hundred, kennesaw, ga 30144.

Ought to you promote your stuff on decluttr?

Decluttr is an smooth manner to liquidate your unwanted tech devices, media belongings, used electronic items, and books.

It’s anTremendous solution for those who are seeking to dispose of litter and make money in trade for items.

Decluttr is a beneficial carrier which could help capitalize on many objects that now not offer you with any cost — like old smartphones and drugs or that remarkable candy nic cage dvd we mentioned earlier.

When you have those gadgets mendacity round, you should keep in mind using a service like decluttr or some other competing issuer to clean some space and get a few cash.

Decluttr is likewise an awful lot more secure thanThe use of a neighborhood alternate web page like craigslist or nextdoor, as you'll be dealing with a reputable agency rather than nearby buyers.

As such, you gained’t must worry approximately getting scammed or interacting with sketchy human beings. one of the best elements about decluttr is that you could earn some extra money without interacting with all of us in any respect. this is especially beneficial in instances just like the current covid pandemic.

Just keep in mind that simply because you can sell an item on decluttr, it doesn’tNecessarily imply that you'll get the quality price for it.

Do your very own research and shop round to discover whether or not you have to comply with their phrases.

It’s additionally a very good concept to double-check and ensure that you’re no longer giving freely items which might be uncommon or unique. you may not recognize how lots you loved that nic cage dvd till it’s long gone, in the end.



Backside line

Decluttr is an clean way to liquidate your unwanted tech gadgets, media belongings, used digital gadgets, and books. making it anGreat answer for folks that are trying to remove clutter and make cash in trade for items.


Loose shipping

Easy promoting system

Smooth way to sell vintage tech


Lowball gives

Offer own shipping packaging

Shipping cost


Selling process

Offer rates


Transport components

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