Both food delivery offerings are developing in large and small u.s. towns; both have grown even busier because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So we’ll need to dig a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of the doordash vs. grubhub enjoy to answer this question.

Doordash vs grubhub: pay structure

The driver pay systems for each meals transport apps are becoming greater complicated — and more honest — asThe offerings have grown.

Doordash pay structure

Doordash’s shape is less difficult to apprehend, so allow’s start with it, dashers get paid like this:

Base pay + promotional pay + recommendations

Base pay stages from $2 to $10 in line with shipping, and it's far calculated based on the space you force, the quantity earned from the transport, and the amount of time you spent expecting the eating place to prepare the shipping.

Promotional pay ought to add for your base pay if it’s a height time for deliveries or in case you’ve met aParticular project like making three deliveries in a single hour.

Hints are self-explanatory. if your purchaser leaves a $3 tip, you get to keep 100 percentage.

How does this look in actual existence? allow’s say you have an $8 base pay for a takeout order, a $1 merchandising because it’s a top hour and a $three tip from the customer.

You’d make $12 in this shipping. if it took you 45 mins from start to finish, you’d be incomes at a rate of about $16 an hour.

Preserve reading:

Doordash driver overview

Cutting-edge doordashPromotions



Earn extra cash for your brief-term desires or long-term goals with doordash.

Grubhub pay structure

Grubhub’s pay shape resembles doordash’s, but it’s a little extra complicated.

Grubhub not can pay a base charge. as a substitute, it reimburses you according to mile pushed and in step with minute you spend at the transport. you get paid for using and waiting.

Here’s a look at the grubhub equation:

Mileage pushed (0.22¢/mile) + minutes spent (0.thirteen¢/minute) + guidelines

How does this appearance inActual life? permit’s say you pressure 6 miles to a mcdonald’s and nine greater miles to the patron’s home for a total of 15 miles. you’re inside the car for 35 minutes.

You furthermore may needed to wait 10 minutes for the mcdonald’s crew to cook dinner and bag the food. this indicates you spent 45 mins and 15 miles at the shipping. (and to procure a $2 tip.)

Mileage = $three.30

Time = $five.eighty five

Tip = $2

General earned = $eleven.15 for the transport

Translated into an hourly price, you’d be earning about $14.86 an hour.

🏆  winner: aspect toDoordash because you could increase your pay price with promotions.

Doordash vs grubhub: motive force qualifications

In case you’re 18 or older you can power with doordash.

In case you’re 19 or older you may drive with grubhub.

Both meals delivery offerings require you to have a valid driver’s license and automobile coverage, of path.

And neither carrier will allow you to force for them when you have a prime visitors violation or three minor site visitors violations inside the past three years. these offerings also will no longerAssist you to force if you have a legal on your record.

🏆  winner: doordash because it is open to drivers 18 and older

Doordash vs grubhub: tip earnings

Each of those food delivery apps now will let you hold all of your tips. in 2019 doordash was sued in federal court docket. the lawsuit accused doordash of preserving a percentage of patron guidelines while implying the tips went to the driving force.

In response, doordash changed its policy to direct one hundred percent of suggestions to the driver.

🏆  winner: tie, however with a nod toGrubhub for not needing a lawsuit to make sure drivers maintain all tips.

Doordash vs grubhub: pay for ready

For a while, meals transport drivers inside the gig economic system needed to devour most in their wait-time losses. whether or not a takeout order took 15 minutes to prepare or half-hour to prepare, the driving force needed to look forward to it, without pay.

This changed into a problem again when I introduced for postmates. unavoidably, i needed to wait longest all through the busiest hours once I might have been making the most cash.

Now,Grubhub and doordash have addressed this hassle within their pay systems, as you could see inside the section above approximately pay:

Grubhub can pay you in keeping with minute on the delivery, from the time you leave for the eating place till you attain the consumer’s door.

Doordash builds wait time into your base pay for the transport.

If you want transparency and simplicity, you’ll like grubhub’s approach because it’s constructed on easy multiplication.

Even though doordash calculates wait time as a variable into yourBase pay for the shipping, the end end result is similar: you don’t need to undergo lengthy waits for meals without pay.

🏆  winner: grubhub due to its transparency.

Doordash vs grubhub: self scheduling

The gig economy is tremendous for creating wealth on your own agenda.

In case your plans with pals fall thru, you can switch on the app and make some deliveries for extra money.

Or in case you’re off paintings at your everyday job as it’s a weekend or a holiday, you could preserve earning by using spending the dayDelivering meals.

However these jobs work both methods. on occasion, if you have time to work, the apps are swarming with delivery drivers, and you may’t get any deliveries.

To assist with this hassle, doordash and grubhub permit you to time table yourself in advance so you can declare your hours. this facilitates spread the workload throughout all hours of the day, so you’ll have more probabilities to get deliveries whilst you’re out using.

Doordash: let’s you declare blocks of time as much as per week in advance or as quick as anHour earlier. you furthermore may nevertheless have the spontaneous “dash now” button at the app, which turns into available when the meals shipping service desires greater than just its scheduled drivers on the street.

Grubhub: let’s you schedule yourself earlier, but you can also force on every occasion you need. precedence for deliveries will usually go to the scheduled drivers.

🏆  winner: doordash because of its more flexible scheduling alternatives and because of the “dash now” button, which combines spontaneity withScheduling.

Doordash vs grubhub: technical necessities

To supply takeout, you’ll want a dependable vehicle and a phone. appears simple enough, right?

However before you observe, you’ll need to be sure your phone can guide the apps.

Grubhub: you’ll need ios eleven or higher or android five.0 or better.

Doordash: will work with any iphone or android device.

You can expect fewer technical problems with more recent phones on a reliable statistics network. every so often, these apps do glitch on any phone, that mayBe irritating.

🏆  winner: doordash because it works on extra telephones.

Doordash vs grubhub: accessing pay

While you earn money on an app, whether or not it’s survey junkie, instacart, postmates, or uber eats, translating your app stability to real cash is essential. the much less friction, the better.

Doordash and grubhub are both reliable and seamless while payday rolls round.

Grubhub: will pay through direct deposit each thursday into your checking account; transfers could take numerous days toEntire.

Doordash: will pay via direct deposit each friday into your checking account; those transfers additionally take numerous commercial enterprise days. doordash has an extended pay alternative that charges $1.ninety nine in step with use.

🏆  winner: doordash due to its improved pay function, although it requires a service rate.

Doordash vs grubhub: marketplace percentage

None of this evaluation will be counted if doordash or grubhub doesn’t serve your metropolis — or if either food shipping service has best a handful of eating place companions inYour region.

Grubhub: works in three,2 hundred u.s. towns throughout all 50 states. until you live in a tiny town, chances are top grubhub can be to be had.

Doordash: works in 4,000 towns across the u.s. and in australia. (approximately eighty% of commercial enterprise is in the u.s.).

If you’re not sure, just go online to both provider’s internet site and start an order for takeout. in case your vicinity has shipping to be had, you should have alternatives to become a transport motive force.

Each of those apps paintings with national chains like taco bell andApplebee’s and with nearby restaurants which might be unique for your location. customers are limited specially by way of the eating places of their area. you could be handing over fast meals or caviar.

🏆  winner: tie because both offerings are expansive and growing even extra in reaction to covid-19.



Earn more money on your quick-term goals or lengthy-term desires with doordash.

Doordash vs grubhub: at a glance

Doordash grubhub

Age to pressure 18 or older 19 or older

Towns available~4,000 ~3,two hundred

Historical past assessments yes yes

Unique schooling orientation req. orientation req.

Motive force continues guidelines? 100% one hundred%

Paid for mileage? constructed in base rate zero.22¢/mile

Paid for ready on orders? built in base rate zero.13¢/minute

Promotional pay varies no longer covered

Charge technique direct deposit direct deposit

Faq’s approximately meals transport apps

You could get answers to some of those questions by experience or with the aid of studying the rules on grubhub and doordash’s web sites.

But these are all desirable questionsThat come up when you’re considering riding for a food delivery carrier.

Do i get paid even if it’s a loose transport?

Both doordash and grubhub offer free delivery on a patron’s first order as a advertising to get new clients in new markets.

Even if a patron takes gain of this offer — or every other promo codes — you’ll get paid the identical quantity.

Do i earn any of the shipping price?

Clients pay a transport price and a service rate when they order from their favourite restaurants. inAddition, they can add a tip to the order.

As a transport individual, you will acquire simplest the tip without delay. price range from the other expenses assist pay your base pay and promotional pay.

Can i use my ipad to supply food?

No, you’ll need a phone with area enabled and a records plan to deliver meals.

Do food delivery apps deliver alcohol?

This can rely on your nation and local legal guidelines. a few regions permit postmates, doordash, and grubhub drivers to supply alcohol.

Do i am getting paid whilst it’s aSubscription carrier order?

As greater people discover food delivery apps — both due to the pandemic or simple phrase of mouth — those services have commenced subscription offerings to build logo loyalty.

In case your client has dashpass or postmates unlimited and receives a decrease cost on the order transport, this shouldn’t cut into your income.

In fact, it is able to increase your profits. a purchaser who can pay a lower fee should have extra money for your tip!

Do grubhub or doordash take coins?

No. as aDelivery character, you’ll by no means be required to deal with cash. but the client ought to pick to tip in cash.

Can i see my tip in advance of taking the order?

Yes. customers enter a tip amount after they order food. they may also input “tip in cash” because of this you gained’t realize the top quantity — or whether or not the customer will tip at all — till you arrive.

Are there any automobile necessities?

No. not like uber and lyft, which ought to bear in mind passenger consolation, grubhub and doordash do no longer have minimalCar necessities. you’ll need a dependable car, although. and a car that receives fantastic gasoline mileage will placed cash right again into your pockets.

What’s up with the orientation?

Each grubhub and doordash require drivers to take a short orientation. this was regularly in-character earlier than the coronavirus pandemic however is now to be had on line.

It’s no longer a big deal. the agency just wants to make sure you may use the app. that manner, you could consciousness on accomplishing high-quality delivery times while not having to determineOut the app as you move.

The orientation may also cowl how to receives a commission and how to deal with clients.

Grubhub vs doordash: which meals shipping carrier ought to you power for?

You could do well with either grubhub or doordash. if i needed to choose, i’d go along with doordash because of its promotional pay and its elevated payday option.

But, as you could already know, you don’t must choose. you may deliver for each meals delivery services.

To make the maximum cash within the shortest quantity of time, i’dUse just about any meals transport app that offers a truthful and affordable charge model.

Uber eats has been developing, mainly for immediate food orders. postmates remains a very good delivery agency. i added for postmates in chicago and earned enough to shop for an engagement ring.

If you stay in a huge city like new york, chicago, or san francisco, you can do fine as a transport character for one app.

But in case you live in a smaller market like roanoke, va., inexperienced bay, wis., or salinas, calif. — all ofWhich joined the grubhub circle of relatives final year — you’ll do lots better working for a couple of carrier simultaneously.

And don’t forget instacart, which will pay you for handing over orders from grocery shops. and, in case you don’t thoughts handing over humans to their destinations, you may add uber and lyft for your phone and optimize it slow on the street.

Simply don’t overdo it and attempt to integrate journeys. you’d need to sacrifice satisfactory sooner or later, which isn’t correct on your incomesAbility.

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