How to Change Your YouTube Profile Picture via Desktop, iOS or Android 2020 2021

How to Change Your YouTube Profile Picture via Desktop, iOS or Android 2020 2021

Changing your youtube profile photo on computing device
On youtube, click on your profile photograph to get entry to your channel web page
Click to your channel icon and ‘edit’ (double-check you’ve selected the proper channel)
Pick your new profile photograph and add
Converting your youtube profile photograph on a mobile device
From the youtube app, tap in your profile picture then faucet on ‘help and feedback’
The ‘approximately me’ phase will open and give you get right of entry to to your profile picture
Now you are on the approximately me segment,Where you may tap in your profile image and replace
What to recognise about youtube channel icons
A couple extra things to remember about channel icon snap shots. youtube are fairly beneficiant in what type of photographs they'll allow. that includes jpgs, bmps, pngs, and, even gifs, despite the fact that they'll now not be animated.

The picture may be up to 800 pixels with the aid of 800 pixels, that's great, but do remember the fact that you're probable gonna see this as a tiny little circle on most youtube monitors. so preserve it prettyEasy.

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