10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2020 and Get to 400,000 Visits/Month

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2020 and Get to 400,000 Visits/Month

 1. proportion your content material somewhere except social media

The general public commonly submit their new weblog article on social media while it is going stay… but then they don’t proportion it everywhere else. that is one of the huge mistakes humans make when promoting their posts.

What else can you do? we already mentioned e mail outreach and running with influencers. however there’s a lot extra paintings to be carried out!

Here are the first-class locations to percentage your new weblog post:

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I. niche-associated boards

You likely saw this oneComing after tip #15. forums are a tremendous manner to get lengthy-term site visitors because (if accomplished right) your put up will stay there for a long term or even possibly show up in search effects.

You can discover forums with the aid of looking on find a forum or via googling inurl:forum + "your_keyword"

The way to use google to find forums to your area of interest

Once you discover the forum, you need to grow to be a member. this isn’t only a brief, “pop in and leave a link” strategy. you’ll get banned quite brief doing that so it received’t doYou any correct whilst starting a weblog.

I advocate leaving at least 20 to 30 excessive-price feedback before any self-merchandising. (excessive-value which means notion-upsetting and useful, now not just “excellent submit!”.)

Kristi hines gives a few remarkable hints on forum advertising and marketing in her guide on hiveage.

Ii. quora

Quora is an area for anybody to invite something. anyone can cross and go away a solution.

Search quora for questions associated with posts you’ve written, write a considerate answer and hyperlink again to the publish with extra info.Easy peasy.

Use quora to promote your weblog posts

With that unique publish, i didn’t even must answer it myself! steve curtin, an influencer we labored with, spoke back it for me. (see how all these things is so related?)

Right here’s our manual on a way to get began with quora advertising. check it out for greater details.

Iii. social media companies

I briefly cited facebook corporations in the segment on social media, however i desired to speak approximately them greater.

Social media corporations, like those on facebook,Linkedin, and google plus, are an fantastic manner to power noticeably targeted traffic. the 600 new visitors i were given from one submit proves that.

They’re smooth sufficient to locate. just seek on facebook or linkedin and click on on “organizations”. for google plus, visit the “groups” tab and search there. be part of any applicable ones.

Like boards, don’t simply unsolicited mail your stuff. turn out to be a loved member of the network. engage with the people and proportion different humans’s stuff. as soon as the group participants realize your face and prefer you,Then you could proportion your own posts. and don’t forget about to reply to their comments!

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2. supply your “about” web page some love

In case you don’t have an approximately web page, you’re doing it incorrect. building one honestly is a must when beginning a blog.

In the running a blog international (and especially whilst you’re new, gaining knowledge of how to begin a weblog), humans observe folks that they recognise, like, and believe. how can you recognize, like, and accept as true with a person who doesn’t show their face or have a compelling story?

Whilst a person seems at your aboutWeb page, what do you need them to see? a crappy web page prepare as an afterthought, or one constructed to draw customers into your private or logo tale?

Check out this manual on the way to create an approximately section for your website online.

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3. leverage paid social media advertising for better reach and to make money along with your blog

Paid commercials aren’t just for promoting matters. you could use them to sell your blog posts, too!

In reality, i recently promoted a submit with associate links in a $5 facebook advert check marketing campaign. (theOne i stated in segment 6.) it ended in 740 people reached and 47 link clicks.

The ensuing clicks ended up generating $eleven.47 in sales. so all-in-all a $6.47 earnings. not horrific, and it’s scalable.

$five facebook ad check consequences

But what if you have a blog publish that isn’t monetized with associate links?

I’d absolutely nonetheless consider spending a few money to sell these, with one caveat: you want a manner to monetize that traffic.

It’s feasible to make a whole lot of money running a blog. in reality, theVery weblog you’re analyzing right now makes round $20,000+ / month in sales.

The handiest way to monetize your visitors is to lead the commercials to a weblog post with a certainly strong content material upgrade. that improve gets them on our email list, at which factor you could positioned them via an onboarding campaign and eventually promote them to your affiliate links or merchandise.

In the end, the usage of paid commercials must have a few kind of expected roi, whether or not that’s quick gains like my affiliate related article orLong-time period gains like the electronic mail onboarding process.

If you’re equipped to test with paid advertisements, here are a few courses:

Fb ads

Instagram advertisements

Twitter commercials

Pinterest ads

Linkedin advertisements

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4. upload movies for your weblog posts to increase engagement

One of the maximum vital metrics for seo is your visitors’ time on web page. one of the simplest methods to growth time on page is by using including video content material.

Besides, now not as many human beings are using videos on their weblog posts. it’s a remarkable manner to stand out fromThe gang and boom engagement.

The nice component?

You don’t have to be a videographer genius or spend a ton of cash on fancy gadget to get began. in truth, your phone is greater than sufficient.

Properly, getting a tripod and an external mic can help enhance the first-rate. but they’re no longer vital.

Right here’s a short 3-minute video on the way to shoot exquisite video by using pond5.

Observe that you don’t want an high priced digicam for this when you’re simply beginning a weblog for the first time. even as it won’tBe pretty as exceptional as pond5’s video, most smartphones can shoot hd video now that will extra than suffice.

But what if you’re digicam shy? that’s good enough – you may create lively movies so you in no way must appear on display.

Here’s a 1-minute video template by way of uncooked shorts, for instance.

They have got a free trial, however you have to pay $20 consistent with video at the base price in case you need hd fine.

In the end, the closing choice is to lease someone to create a video for you. you could find video creators on fiverrOr human beings in step with hour. simply make certain to test out humans’s opinions before you lease theme

Colin newcomer on a way to start a blog

Colin newcomer

Freelance author. helps clients grow their web visibility by means of writing commonly about digital advertising, wordpress, and b2b topics.

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5. take note of your weblog’s load times (and lead them to quicker)

Whether or not you’re strolling a enterprise website, an e-commerce keep, or a weblog…page load times be counted.

Google uses your weblog’s web page load instances as a ranking aspect inIts seek consequences, and your site visitors simply undeniable hate gradual-loading blogs (in particular on cellular gadgets, in which the majority browse blogs nowadays).

As an instance, as your page load time will increase, your leap charge (the % of traffic who depart with out traveling a second web page) goes way up. have a look at this facts from pingdom evaluating average load instances and bounce quotes:

Web page load time (s) leap price (%)

1 7

2 6

Three eleven

Four 24

Five 38

6 forty six

7 53

Eight fifty nine

Nine sixty one

10 65

11 sixty two

12 67

13 sixty nine

14 sixty six

15 sixty nine

Sixteen 73

To look how speedyYour blog loads, you may use a page velocity checking out device like pingdom or gtmetrix.

If you locate that your weblog is loading slowly, here are some approaches to speed it up:

Optimize snap shots – photographs contain approximately 50-eighty% of the common internet site. the use of a free image optimization tool like optimole helps you to resize, compress, and lazy load photos to shrink their size without affecting person revel in.

Use a caching plugin – a caching plugin speeds up your blog by means of serving static html instead of the usage of personal home page forEach page load.

Choose a faster host – your host always influences your page load times – here are a number of the pleasant controlled wordpress hosts.

What’s key here is to be overall performance-oriented from day one when you’re identifying how to start a blog, and now not treat it as some thing you may come back to later on.

For plenty more suggestions, test out our posts on dashing up wordpress and website pace optimization.

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6. don’t attempt to please every unmarried man or woman when starting a weblog

In case you’re starting a blog, youLikely need human beings to simply…examine your weblog. i think that’s a secure assumption, proper?

That pull to be “favored” can reason you to try and make your blog appeal to as many unique humans as viable. and at the same time as that may paintings, it commonly doesn’t. via seeking to appeal to everyone, you surely just come to be appealing to no person (adequate, no person is a piece hyperbolic…however you get the point).

I’m no longer speakme approximately deciding on a tiny niche, but extra developing a specific brand and voice in your blog.

Are swearPhrases a part of your personality? then swear on your weblog! sure, you may force some humans away, but you don’t must please every single character. all of us who isn’t pushed away will such as you even greater.

Don’t agree with me? examine mark manson:

Are you able to consider if mark tried to be some straight-laced personal assist blogger? he by no means would’ve grown to in which he is (that's a new york times nice selling writer, if you’re no longer acquainted).

Don’t try to please every unmarried character – simply try to make aGroup of humans honestly happy.

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7. stop writing intros like high school research papers

If i needed to select one piece of content material that’s had the greatest impact on my blogging, it’s this one from develop and convert:


Content material entrepreneurs: stop writing weblog intros like a excessive faculty research paper

It had such an effect on me due to the fact i right now knew that i was responsible. i used to be bringing my high faculty english repertoire to my weblog, and that wasn’t precise.

Now, i try to talk with readers,Now not at them. if you want humans to interact with your weblog, you need to do the equal.

I gained’t rehash what devesh stated due to the fact he already laid it all out perfectly. just read his publish and attempt to begin applying the thoughts in your writing – and don’t wait, try this proper now as you’re gaining knowledge of the way to begin a weblog for the primary time.

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8. don’t wing your content. make a plan

When you’re starting a weblog, you have got an entire global of subject matter thoughts available to you. as a result, it’s smooth to fly by the seat ofYour pants and still do simply best. but as your blog a while, two things start occurring:

It becomes tougher and harder to come up with unique content thoughts.

You develop more delicate promoting strategies in your blog posts that clearly require a few planning.

When that starts offevolved taking place, it allows to have a plan. in this situation, that’s a piece of writing calendar.

Your editorial calendar is basically your entire content material plan, from subject matter ideation all of the way thru to promoting.

It helps make certain which you put upContinually, know what you’re going to write down approximately, and have proper time to promote your content.

For a free answer that’s perfect when simply beginning a blog, you could use trello or the editorial calendar plugin. in any other case, coschedule is one of the maximum famous editorial calendar services.

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9. a little bit of upkeep now saves big problems later


No one likes doing renovation. maintenance itself doesn’t build your blog’s content material, audience, or revenue. so what’s the factor?

Properly,Whilst it might not do any of these matters, upkeep prevents the entirety you constructed from crashing down around you…

I’m speakme about such things as:

Updating your software program and plugins

Backing up your website (and in fact testing to make certain the ones backups work)

Optimizing your database

Checking for damaged hyperlinks

It’s tedious but vital. just currently, hundreds of hundreds of wordpress sites have been hacked as a result of a vulnerability that became really patched earlier than it changed into discovered by usingHackers.

However due to the fact masses of hundreds of web page proprietors hadn’t updated their core wordpress software – they were given hacked however.


A touch of routine upkeep now will prevent huge problems from taking place later.

In case you don’t want to do this your self, there are masses of wordpress protection companies who will deal with matters for you…for a charge.

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10. you may attain new followers with the aid of resharing antique content material

We already mentioned sharing your content material on social media. however right here’s theFactor:

As your weblog grows, you’re going to pick out up new social media followers. so even if you shared a post when you first posted it, those new followers will in no way have had a threat to look that piece of content material actually due to the fact they didn’t observe you whilst you posted about it.

Tomasz tunguz found that recirculating old content nonetheless garnered substantial engagement numbers. at the same time as the numbers have been by no means as large as when first shared, the reshared content still were given enough interaction to make itProfitable:

Attempt retweets

1 four.nine

2 3.7

3 2.7

(charts via visualizer.)

It’s now not a tough idea to understand…however it's far one that’s smooth to forget about about in case you’re beginning a blog. fortunately, you may put this entire manner on autopilot with revive old post (one in all our tools).

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