That is the better preference?

On this publish, we’ll discover the two food transport services, providing you with a complete rundown on these  competing meals transport companies.

By the quit of this piece, you’ll have a better idea approximately the pros and cons of each provider.

With that in thoughts, allow’s jump proper in.

Postmates vs uber eats

What's postmates?

Postmates is a company that makes a speciality of on-call for transport options andPickups.

Postmates gives to head past food delivery, providing shipping services for kitchen staples and party materials like alcohol, among different objects.

Postmates has been round longer than uber eats, as the carrier changed into founded in 2011 whilst the gig economy turned into starting to fireplace up.

But, postmates has a smaller footprint, as it’s to be had in fewer markets than uber eats.

Plus, it has nowhere close to the market proportion or brand-call popularity.

I’d bet a good bite of my readers haven’tEver heard of postmates, whilst actually all of you've got heard of uber.



With postmates there are no costs or time commitments, so you keep one hundred% of what you earn for completed deliveries. get began these days!

What is uber eats?

Uber eats is an internet platform for ordering and turning in takeout meals.

This provider was released by uber in 2014 as an expansion to its leading rideshare platform and is available in maximum foremost u.s. towns.

Uber eats has considering that grow to be immenselyFamous, imparting customers with speedy get right of entry to to food at all hours of the day and night time, and from their favorite eating places.

Uber eats partners with a ramification of eating places. what’s greater, the enterprise currently multiplied into liquor stores and small grocery stores.

Uber eats also has some unique partnerships with eating places.

As time is going on, it appears as though uber eats will in all likelihood support even greater methods to help drivers make a bit bit of more money.

Postmates vs uber eats: how theyPaintings

How does postmates paintings?

Postmates clients have get admission to to a far wider listing of groups than uber eats shipping.

For example, assume you’re running on a challenge after hours, and also you run out of pc paper.

Postmates can facilitate shipping from a shop like workplace depot, bringing you the items you need without delay to your step.

This isn't always some thing you could accomplish the usage of uber — at the least no longer but — and it’s a chief differentiating aspect.

The postmates app itself is veryMuch like uber eats. the layout and location layout replicate each other, making it easy to move to and fro among the 2 structures.

Postmates additionally has a strict heritage test and will disqualify people if they have a crook records or have been convicted of a dui.

How does uber eats paintings?

The uber eats app may be very much like uber’s rideshare provider.

While buying meals on the uber eats platform, customers can pick out from a menu of to be had meals alternatives and have it introduced without delay toTheir doorstep.

The bill is charged at once to customers’ credit score cards, and food objects are to be had primarily based on eating place hours and their proximity to the client.

From the motive force’s standpoint, uber eats is just like choosing up a passenger — except alternatively, you’re delivering things like pizzas, subs, and burritos to clients.

Clients can display the shipping time and watch the transport individual in real-time on a map.

They also can speak with them during the delivery manner,Providing instructions and details to assist whole the order as easily as feasible.

Postmates vs uber eats: how drivers are paid

How postmates drivers are paid

Postmates transport drivers are paid on a selection of factors.

First, a courier will obtain a flat base pay while choosing up an order form a eating place.

Whilst the delivery is whole, a flat amount might be introduced to the bottom pay. this fee varies via city and is derived out of the shipping fees that postmates customers pay.

Further,Postmates will tack on a in line with-minute price, compensating the driver if meals is not equipped while picking it up.

Beyond that, drivers get hold of a in keeping with-mile price for every mile they pressure, motorbike, or walk.

Postmates also pay couriers 100% of guidelines, which customers can customize based on how generous they’re feeling.

How uber eats drivers are paid

Uber eats drivers are unbiased contractors, and they may be paid primarily based on three factors:

A pickup charge

A drop off rate

General distance traveled

Drivers also canAcquire greater for added order costs and purchaser tips.

In addition, provider fees can vary depending at the sort of automobile a driving force is the usage of.

Bicycles carry a carrier fee of 30 percent, as an example, even as vehicles and scooters have a price of 25 percentage.

Postmates vs uber eats: pros and cons

Postmates pros and cons

You’ve were given the lowdown on postmates. now, let’s weigh the professionals and cons.


Flexible work hours

Unlimited variety of deliveries

Postmates helps you to keep the food if clients don’t showUp

No rating device, which means drivers aren’t blamed for food issues

Postmates drivers who entire 10 deliveries in a month obtain a perkspot benefit, for get right of entry to to discounts from neighborhood and country wide companies

Postmates accepts any vehicle


Now not available in all areas

Gps isn't as sturdy as uber

Customers don’t need to tip

Car wear and tear

Now not as famous at uber



With postmates there aren't any prices or time commitments, so that you keep 100% of what you earn for completedDeliveries. get began nowadays!

Uber eats professionals and cons

To offer you a better concept as to whether it makes experience to force for uber eats, permit’s quickly weigh the pros and cons of the carrier.


Flexible work hours

Use your very own vehicle

Unlimited hours

No boss or manager

Uber’s robust gps machine and map for improved navigation


Uber rate affects income

Car wear and tear

Long wait times at eating places

No insurance benefits

Customers aren’t required to tip

It have to be referred to that uberEats has a strict coverage regarding background exams. candidates who've had duis, felonies, and intercourse offenses will be disqualified from working for uber eats.

Manifestly, you’ll also need a legitimate driver’s license.

In addition, uber could be very precise about the vehicles they permit for deliveries. as an example, automobiles cannot be older than 2004. additionally, automobiles with seen rust, dents, scratches, and political stickers aren't allowed.

Uber eats is also strict about the situation of bicycles andScooters they permit.

Regrettably, when you have an older automobile, you may should shop up for a more recent trip earlier than even taking into account whether you could tackle uber eats as a gig.

However if you’re thinking about using for uber for a living, it is able to be worth the funding.

If you’re riding for uber similarly to uber eats, having a nicer automobile may additionally qualify you for uber lux.

Some passengers are willing to pay greater for a luxury vehicle journey. so it is able to pay dividends to spend money on a elaborateCar.

Just take into account that in case you purchase a flowery car, you may no longer need to frequently delivery stinky, messy, and greasy food to customers.

Over time, spills and odors will take a toll in your car and probably degrade its great and resale price.

Postmates vs. uber eats: and the winner is…

If you’re looking for a facet hustle or to tackle a further component-time task, postmates and uber eats could be feasible alternatives that assist you are making a little extra bit of coins.

To help you zero in at thePreference that makes the maximum sense for you, permit’s compare the 2 special services.

Vehicle necessities

From a safety and great viewpoint, uber’s vehicle policies are favored from the client’s point of view.

Most customers might rather have their meals delivered in a automobile that’s clean and able to soak up bumps and potholes, for instance.

After all, the meals needs to be intact when it’s introduced.

That said, postmates offers a coverage that’s extra lenient for drivers, ensuing inA decrease barrier of entry that’s less restrictive.

When you have a trusty car that doesn’t meet uber’s requirements, you could pressure for postmates.

🏆  winner: postmates


The pay structure is fairly comparable.

However, uber is more well-known and available in more cities, giving drivers extra possibilities to earn earnings.

What’s greater, uber eats drivers additionally have the possibility to pick out up passengers in the event that they have a vehicle that meets their qualifying situations.

You could nearly think aboutIt as two distinctive jobs.

🏆  winner: uber

Partnering organizations

Postmates isn’t as extensively available or well-known, but the organisation companions with a greater diversity of companies ensuing in more shipping possibilities for drivers — specifically on the subject of late-night or strong point orders.

That stated, uber eats has some one of a kind partnerships with places like mcdonald’s.

That is essential to keep in mind if you stay in a place with restricted food opportunities.

If the majority for your areaOrder mcdonald’s for past due-night time transport, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the transport partnership.

🏆  winner: postmates

Postmates uber eats

Car necessities 🏆

Repayment 🏆

Partnering companies 🏆



With postmates there aren't any expenses or time commitments, so you keep one hundred% of what you earn for completed deliveries. get started out these days!

Opportunity delivery offerings to discover

Postmates gives a unique service by way of extending into items beyond foodDelivery.

When it comes to food, though, there are numerous other vendors that you could want to don't forget using for.

Alternatives include:






In addition, many cities have local delivery offerings that you may want to recollect.

For instance, florida has the local shipping dudes provider, which operates in numerous towns across the nation.

Maintain your eye out for neighborhood offerings which can offer higher rates and stories than a number of the main marketplaceVendors.

Postmates vs uber eats: that's first-class for you?

In the end, uber eats and postmates are very similar — to the factor in which it doesn’t make feel for drivers to be unique about which organization they work for.

In case you want to hustle, you must strongly do not forget the usage of each apps. why not? there’s probable enough work to make it a complete-time activity, thinking about the current surge in deliveries due to the covid-19 pandemic.

And even as you’re at it, installation lyft as well. whilst you head out toDrive, turn from side to side between apps to see who's supplying the best quotes and what’s generating the most traffic.

As an example, a few rideshare apps will offer surge pricing at positive times, while different delivery apps avoid it to attract customers.

Operating for a couple of food delivery apps or rideshare apps concurrently is perfectly exceptional, as long as you don’t conduct any deliveries or pickups at the same time as you are at the clock for another business enterprise.

It’s an smooth manner to increase the probabilities thatYou’re capable of work continuously throughout the hours you’re dedicating to this type of work.

Past this, you must also construct a network of pals and family who will probably pay you to make late-night deliveries.

An easy manner to do that is to ship a textual content or e mail out to your community permitting them to recognise you’re out and approximately making deliveries.

With the proper purchaser base, you can even provide “unfastened delivery” understanding that you can earn a stable payout from recommendations.

This manner, you may work underneathThe table and pocket all of the profits (minus taxes) with out paying groups like uber or postmates any charges. all of the proceeds will cross at once to you.

I usually recommend thinking long term and as an entrepreneur. in the future, you may potentially begin a local transport agency if it pastimes you.

Consider your neighborhood market, pick out a want, and search for a way to begin a enterprise of your personal. that’s the price ticket to attaining monetary independence quicker and retiring sooner.

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